Jaringan Kesejahteraan/Kesehatan Masyarakat (JKM), or Networking for Community Welfare & Health, is a local NGO headquartered in Medan, Indonesia that deals primarily with community health projects throughout the province of North Sumatra. It was established in 2001 by a group of doctors and health practitioners in Medan. Over the years, JKM has developed into a well-known organization recognized for its leading role in community-based public health initiatives. Today, the organization is composed of ten doctors who direct more than fifty other professional staff members from medical, public health, environmental health, community development and engineering backgrounds. JKM participates in a number of partnerships that promote public health, including partnerships with USAID-ESP (United States Agency for International Development – Environmental Services Program), USAID ECO-Asia (Environmental Cooperation-Asia), the Global Fund, and the Public Health Department of Medan (Medan Dinas Kesehatan).

Mission Statement:

  • To improve level of health, intelligence, and welfare of the community by providing opportunities, health service, training, and advocacy.


  • To improve community health standards through programs focusing on prevention, health promotion, providing opportunities to obtain accessible, affordable, and sufficient health service, and promoting rehabilitation of rights and indiscriminative health service to all community groups.
  • To prepare the community to improve their welfare through strengthening of the community economy in the form of empowerment, training, small scale business consultancy, loan and capital provision, and opportunities to develop business.
  • To improve the human resources capacity through education, training, information dissemination, and providing opportunities to develop the potential of the individuals and the community.