Along with citizen journalism activities, SAFE has utilized audio-visual media to support the project’s Healthy Market Initiative.

SAFE facilitated training of community members to develop and screen short videos depicting risky behaviors observed at traditional poultry markets to encourage reflection and discussion.

Twenty-seven videos have been produced using mobile phones and video cameras. In one video, a group of high school students share concerns about the conditions at their neighborhood traditional market and how it can no longer be regarded as a safe food market.  Another video documents market conditions in Bogor by mixing testimonials from housewives and vendors.

This intervention found that people who saw themselves practicing risky behaviors such as slaughtering poultry without proper protection, tossing waste from slaughtering activities, or selling and buying unhealthy chicken carcasses, were more likely to recognize and acknowledge the dangers of such behaviors.

Based on the success of the video initiative, SAFE and partners launched a competition for short films with the theme “healthy traditional markets for healthy consumers”.  In early 2013, three winners were selected by a panel composed of judges from the Jakarta Art Institute, and Blogger Nusantara.