2. Stop Action for AIDS (Aksi Stop Aids/ASA) Program funded by USAID

Summary description:

–     Coordinator Information and service centre to prevent HIV/AIDS and sexual disease through counseling, information, and education programs (KIE)

–     Testing, counseling facilities and assistance for community about HIV/AIDS at three JKM clinics: Sentosa Aldilla Clinic (KSA) at Tembung sub district , Sentosa Belawan Clinic (KSB) at Belawan sub district and  Andalucía Clinic at Perjuangan sub district in Medan. JKM provided assistance in fisherman communities and high risk groups through health services in Belawan – Medan (Balmera), North Sumatera.

  1. Drug Abuse Reduction and Rehabilitation coordinated with Social Government (Depsos/ Departemen Social)

Summary description:

–     Coordinator and preventive treatment for drugs abuse through JKM clinic, Bina Atma hospital and rehabilitation program cooperative with social government orphanage named Insyaf, panel of Islamic scholars (Majelis Ulama Islam/MUI) and rehabilitation centre of Anti Drug Information Center of North Sumatera (Pusat Information Anti Narkoba Sumatera Utara/PIMANSU) in Medan district.

–     Project Coordinator, Doctor, teenage counselor and trainer for socialization of drug abuse reduction in schools.

  1. Risk Reduction HIV/AIDS in Medan Schools

Summary description:

–     Coordinator for HIV/AIDS program in co-operation with KPAND (Eradication Aids and Narcotic Commission) funded by the UNDP.

–     Teenager Training to student High School and to build Peer Group Educator to train their group about Reproduction Health, HIV-Aids and Drug-Abuse covered by all Student High Schools in Medan.

  1. Global Fund Aids Risk -Reduction

Summary description:

–     Coordinator for HIV/AIDS program for the energy of outreach cooperation of JKM Globally Fund Supported by Global Fund

  1. Stop Action for AIDS (Aksi Stop Aids (ASA) coordinated with FHI USAID

Summary description:

–     Coordinate of Outreach activity for 80 MSM in Medan

  1. National KPA Stop Aids

Summary description:

–          Trainees of VCT in Jakarta conducted by Health Department located in Jakarta, Depok and Bogor

  1. Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Project

Summary description:

–     Coordinate with family and skilled therapy to get indepent skill for drug user victims conducted by JKM

  1. VCT and Aids Training for military health providers

Summary description:

–     Coordinator for counseling to abolish descrimination of KODAM I Bukit barisan Military in stigmatisation.

–     Developed Military hospitals in North Sumatera, West Sumatera and Riau to get VCT facilities with trainee the consular.

–     Developed new paradigm among the armies to break stigma about patient descrimation

–     Coordinator and trainer for consular trainer funded by UN-AIDS

  1. Head of Collaboration TB-HIV Task Force North of Sumatera

Summary description:

–     Coordinator for all stakeholders in government, local/international NGO, institution/ community organization and all organization which was coordinated with TB and HIV such as Health officer, laboratories, hospitals, DOTS and VCT clinics

–     Routine meetings to discuss about SOP health services, capacity building, advocacy, communication and also socialization about TB and HIV/AIDs research, finding solution to get comprehensive and organized.

–     Coordinated and advocated in funding to develop TB/HIV collaboration in running well.

–     Responsible and reported to the fund raiser in managing the fund

  1. Regional Coodinator for North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Aceh, Riau for PAMALI TB INDONESIA (ASSOCIATION OF PATIENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVING IN TB)

Summary description:

–     Regional coordinator in establishing PAMALI foundation in North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Aceh and Riau in province level

–     Approached and advocated to government about how important strengthen patients and community handling success TB.

–     Liaison government to allocated government fund to handle TB cases.

–     National representative in managerial province organization and strengthen capacity in institution, individual, ex patients, family and communicaty related to this case.

–     Involved to socialize Patient Charter and patient Obligate and encourage health officer to implementation TB cases in way of ISTC (International Standard for TB Care).



  1. Reproductive Health Sector

Summary description:

–     Coordinator in reproductive health and gender program through outreach, training, and counseling for teenagers and outreach for mothers followed up by paps mear and contraceptive services in cooperation with Agency for Population and Planning family (Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional/BKKBN) in KIAS clinic of JKM

–     Coordinated with reproductive health education program cooperative with the Foundation Centre for the Study and Child Protection (PKPA) funde by AUSAID.

–     Inspection of pap smear results in mother of Koran groups in Medan district including PERSIT (Persatuan Istri Prajurit) = Military Wife Assosiation in Galang subdistrict.


  1. Family Doctor Sector

Summary description:

–     Coordinator in reproductive health and gender program through outreach, training, and counseling for teenagers

–     Coordinated with family doctor program through JKM clinic (pre-paid system).

–     Coordinated with health information centre through 24 hour hotline and develop the website program

–     Cooperation with Waspada newspaper to provide health counseling services, especially concerning drug use.

–     Active in regular question and answer about health issues program cooperated with Sumut Pos newspaper and radio stations like Lite FM, radio Istana FM, radio Cas FM and radio Visi FM

–     Consultant for Weekly Health Rubric with Daily Media Print Andalas.


  1. Child Protection and Special Services Sector

Summary description:

–     Coordinated with special service program to assist the street children, prostitutes, and problematic teenagers through direct assistance or in cooperation with other institutions.

–     Trainer in Trafficking Workshop at Antares Hotel, North Sumatera.


  1. Tuberculosis Sector

Summary description:

–     Community mobilization for TB Case Finding and Treatment Program in 8 districts of North Sumatra in co-operation with FIDELIS-UNION organization.

–     Overcoming TB in 5 districts in North Sumatra province. The goal is to increase the high quality TB Care to inhabitants of 5 districts (Medan, Tebing Tinggi, Binjai, Deli Serdang and Langkat districts) in North Sumatera province, Indonesia by organizing in early detection and prompt treatment activity with direct observation on the target areas. The Fidelis project,  in five districts in North Sumatra Province, that taught community volunteers– including teachers, business people, and stay-at-home parents –about the symptoms of tuberculosis and the appropriate steps for diagnosis and treatment. In one year, more than 5,200 new smear positive cases were detected, an increase of 2,766 (214%) over the previous year.

–     Coordinated community mobilization to independently look for cases, with the patient and perform tracing the families of patients, after conducting capacity building through training. Coordinate DOTS clinics developed in far away places that are not covered by health personnel. Advocating for the NTP and decision makers to support the TB program and prepare a strategy when the program ended. Perform control of the monitoring and evaluation reports to the funding. Coordinate staff in the five districts / cities which later developed into seven districts / cities.

–     Coordinated with community and the empowerment for TB case finding and treatment in Medan collaboration with Aisyah and Global Fund. Global Fund programs focused on developing for involvement community in TB treatment, community mobilization, develop their own DOTS clinic in addition to encouraging outsiders to built DOTS clinics itself.

–     To lead routine meeting regularly in monitoring evaluation for TB program

–     Ensure implementation program running smooth.

–     To build DOTS clinic, hospital and puskesmas (health center) to prepare companion and escort patients in the community taking medication treatment (PMO) and also responsible for regulating and controlling the financing program.

–     Managemant staff and liaison arrangements between governments, NGO Funding and local.


  1. Economic Development Sector

Summary description:

–     Coordinated with Micro Credit Institution which provide revolving credit and Business Development Service in co-operation with Swiss Contact and cooperative service.

–     Coordinated with Empowerment of the economy and microcredit program in cooperation with CIDA and Canada Fund.

–     Coordinated in providing financial and health assistance into the tonic herb (Jamu) vendors, wives of rickshaw (becak) drivers, and small produce vendors.

–     Coordinated in Fundraising training which was funded by Save the Children.


  1. Nutrition and Food Sector

Summary description:

–     Provided assistance to street children funded by Save the Children

–     Coordinated with FGD in Medan Belawan, Brayan and Kampung Baru sub district about healthy foods for underfive

–     Trained the participatory rural appreciation and positive deviance in Jakarta conducted by Save the Children.


  1. Environmental Sector

Summary description:

–     Mobilization for handling DBD cases in Sei Mati, Medan Maimun subdistrict in Medan.

–     Trained clean hands for use soap campaign in Dharma Deli hotel in North Sumatera

–     Coordinated reconstructing clean water facilities in Nias cooperated with UNICEF.

–     Mobilization and coordinated in Water and Sanitation program funded by the USAID-ESP for helping 3500 low income households in Medan Maimun sub-district in of Medan.

–     Coordinated and mobilization community to get access clean water funded by World Bank and USAID-ESP. The aim program was to increase access to clean water for low income households that are unable to directly connect to the municipal water supply due to financial barriers. The target goal of this project is to provide access to clean water for 3,500 low income houses in the beneficiary communities located in six sub-districts in Medan.


  1. Development Sector

Summary description:

–     Writer book of “Democratization of Village Heads” supported by USAID –OTI.

–     Trainer for teachers and heads of villages program in North Sumatra supported by USAID-OTI

–     Trainer of TATP training project from The World Bank, coordinate of Internship program for skilled jobless people at JKM and other institutions.

–     Trainer workshop about Preventative practices for STDs

–     Trainer workshop of Participatory Rural Apprecial in Nias by UNICEF.

–     Facilitator of MUSRENBANG workshop in Medan city concerning about health .

–     Coordinator at Medan Food Security and Nutrition Program (MFSNP), USAID/FFP at January 2004-December 2006. The program aimed to improve the nutritional status of children under five at the community level through behavior-centered programming on infant feeding and childcare practices, promotion of improved hygiene practices, and the improvement of health service delivery and sanitation environment.


Health Coordinator main job is coordinate health staff and local NGO partner to improve the nutritional status of of children under five years by promoting key health and nutrition practices and increase the use and quality of basic health services. This included:

  • Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding for infants under 6 months
  • Timely introduce of appropriate complimentary foods
  • Hand washing with soap
  • Complete immunization
  • Healthy snack

This program used several behavior-focused strategies, specifically positive deviance, one-on-one counseling, and mass communication campaigns to support the adoption of key health and nutrition practices. The program also focused on the revitalization of posyandus (community-based integrated health posts run by volunteer community health workers) to improve the quality services. This was achieved through capacity building of community health volunteers known in Indonesia as kaders/cadre and health center staff.